August, 17 2017 at 6 PM

Intro from Sandra Edgerley:
- Historical building
- Idea is to make it a small, "intimate" gathering place
- Wants to attract diversity and local thought leaders

Building/Architect Plan:
- Each floor has a "small footprint"
- Plans include bar, gym, dining area, outdoor area, guest rooms for members and their guests
- Floors 7-9 will have 5 rooms each; Floor 10 will have two suites
- 11th floor exterior will be changed and have some outdoor space for sitting but not dining
- Max capacity for the largest space is ~85 ppl
- They estimate membership at 800 (unclear if that's individuals or families)



- Their traffic study indicates that traffic will be significantly reduced relative to the current
traffic that the office/medical space currently generates (even if they are off by a factor of two,
they believe it will still be less)
- They plan to remove two metered spots from out front for valet parking
- Neighbors and people who currently work in the building strongly disagree with the study
based on their experience and observations
- Further studies are planned for September
- Note that traffic study has been paid for by the proponent


- They expect deliveries to be done by small trucks/vans that either fit into their loading area or
will be done out front
- They believe they can accomplish this by consolidating vendors (expect an average of 2.7
deliveries per day, no more than 4)
- There will be a full time dock managers tasked with overseeing deliveries and keeping the alley
- Trash to be kept in a refrigerated room and carted out also in small trucks
- They expect fewer FedEx/UPS/USPS deliveries per day than currently occurs
- Abutters are skeptical and think they are placing too much trust in vendors and other delivery


- They have eliminated plan for live music on the 11th floor roof deck but there could still be live music on other floors.  There will still be AMPLIFIED music on the 11th floor roof deck. 

- Sound engineer will be looking at soundproofing wall between building and 31/33 Comm Ave;
there's currently 24 inches of bricks so it may or may not need additional sound proofing
- Noise generated by members/guests leaving late at night after drinking is a "management"
problem but remains a major concern of neighbors
- Data shows that there have only been 3 registered complaints against all other 10 clubs in the
area; they have not yet looked at 311 data on this topic

- Sandy does not plan to sell the property or outsource the management of it to a hospitality